My name is Jasmine! I’m a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University. Currently I am majoring in Urban Psychology and with minor in Nonprofit Management. Children are my passion so I hope to pursue a master’s degree in School Counseling. I love long walks on the beach, people, food, Disney princesses, and most of all Jesus.

Anyways, the reason I started this blog was to express myself in a new way. Pretty much all my life I’ve been known as the girl who’s always smiling and always happy. I have to be honest I don’t do too well sharing my not so nice emotions and it’s been detrimental. I often end up having dark and depressed  moments due to keeping everything bottled up inside. I know that I am so loved by God and the people in my life but often times I need to remind myself of that beautiful love. This blog is a way for me to be real with myself and you and to live freely in this beautiful life that I have been blessed with. Through a series of original pictures, poems, and journal entries I invite you on this journey of being freed by love with me.

With much love be encouraged,

Jasmine Johnson